MT Events & Consulting reflects its founder’s passion and expertise: Mar Torró. My services are tailored and personalised to create memorable events and experiences. My aim is to make sure that my client's needs and desires are listened, understood and fulfilled. So, I serve them with their particular challenges, as well as provide them with their expected results.

My experience in the field has proven me about the importance of tailoring my services to the needs of my clients, and that’s how I want to help you. I have spent 8+ years:

  • Working for private companies and institutions organising corporate events

  • Tailoring the events/ conferences/ educational programmes to my clients’ needs

  • Managing a wide range of projects and listening to my clients’ feedback

Now, my passion is to help you find the structure that you need to organise your event.

Bringing together expertise and creativity.



My brand mission is to develop easier and more friendly ways to help my clients with planning their events. As a consultant and events organiser, I help my clients with an easy, straight forward and friendly way to create and develop their events through strategy and consistent systems. I give them confidence and clarity along the process to deliver the final outcome and reach their goals.

The values that define MT Events & Consulting are:

  1. Professionalism

  2. Responsibility

  3. Sustainability

  4. Loyalty

  5. Transparency

  6. Reliability

  7. Calm

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