My consulting services are designed to support you with your event in any part of the process. These services are completely tailored to your needs, so we can plan together the best way to proceed, and they include:

  • Setting a purpose, goals, a strategy, systems and timeline

  • Ad-hoc services: helping you with specific parts of the process: finding the right suppliers, creating a checklist for sustainable events, H&S plan, OR collecting and processing follow-up efficiently from attendees, clients and suppliers, among others.

  • A “step-by-step” guide tailored to your event with the steps that you need to follow to plan it (including checklists and templates)

  • Systems creation tailored to your event

  • Post event follow-up guidance

Clarity and confidence are key for a job well done.

Events Planning

After working 9+ years in the industry, my events planning skills are excellent. A good strategy is key to organise tailored events to get the client’s desired outcome..


Contact me today by clicking the below button if you are interested in organising one of the following events in the near future:

  • Webinars, seminars, workshops, meetings or masterclasses

  • Training sessions

  • Team building activities

  • Networking events

  • Receptions and/or corporate lunches/ dinners



Would you like to have some more information about the services offered?

In the below links you will find the complete presentation of services, both in English and Spanish, for a better understanding.

MT Services in English, click here.

MT Services in Spanish, click here.

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