COVID-19 update:

Due to the pandemic, all industries are facing an unprecedented situation. From MT Events & Consulting, I would like to share my support to the community whilst being responsive to the industry changes. Nonetheless, I am here to support your needs in any possible way throughout my consulting and online services. I am fully committed to my clients and suppliers and I want to stay connected to work together. 

Book today your Free online consultation to plan your upcoming events.


My consulting services are designed to support you with your event in any part of the process. These services are completely tailored to your needs, so we can plan together the best way to proceed. 

My aim is to help you set a purpose, goals, a strategy and systems that can help you develop your events, current and future ones. 

I also can help you with other specific parts of the process, like finding the right supplier for you, creating a consistent Health and Safety plan, or collect efficiently the feedback of your event, among others.

Clarity and confidence are key for a job well done.

Remember, you don't have to do this alone. Click here to see more specifically how I can help you or click the below button to send me a direct email.

Events Planning

After working 8+ years in the industry, my events planning skills are excellent, and therefore, I am confident that I organise your event getting the best result.


Contact me today by clicking the below button if you are interested in organising one of the following events in the near future:

  • Small networking events

  • Training sessions/ workshops

  • Seminars

  • Small private gatherings: birthdays, anniversaries, baby showers/ gender reveals or private dinners, among others

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